Lol I Lose Friends Like It’s My Job

I’m Gonna Find It Real Fucking Hard To Forgive You For This But I Have To Put On My Big Girl Panties And Straight Up Talk To You, Even If I Don’t Want To

You Fucked Up. Real Fucking Bad.

Just Gonna Cry Myself To Sleep. Just Like Every Other Night. I Can’t Fucking Deal With This. And The Worst Part Is That Now I Really Am Alone

Guess It Was My Fault To Think That This Would Ever Work Out. I’m Too Fucked Up From The Inside Out To Ever Be Able To Maintain A Stable, Healthy Friendship, Let Alone A Relationship. I Guess It’s Back To Square One.

How Am I Suppose To Try To Fix This Friendship When You Obviously Don’t Give A Flying Fuck? Jesus Fucking A. Reliability Is So Hard To Find Now A Days

I Would Like To See That You Cared But I Guess That’s Too Much To Ask Of You

I Swear To God If You Fuck Me Over One More Time


Captain Jack Harkness [x]





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It’s funnier everytime I see it.

I like human beings.


(Source: dailyanimals)